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“The grade of work you offer to the world reflects the strength of the respect you have for yourself.”

Digital Ninja

Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Sutapa Mazumdar and I’m here to help small and medium-sized businesses with copywriting, email marketing, SEO, SEM — handling paid media advertising campaigns,  social media posts,  and analyzing data to identify areas for improved performance.

Social media marketer, email marketer, content marketing, Google analytics specialist, etcetera.

Internet Marketing

I Believe Passionately That Leveraging Digital Technology In Today’s Marketing World Is Indispensable.

At the outset, I have to mention that I’ve had the opportunity to work for the two behemoth tech giants — Google & Facebook for a decade. My freelance journey commenced at the beginning of the year 2020, with a rental dedicated desk at the popular WeWork office building.

Creative in All Aspects

Since venturing into freelancing at the beginning of the year, 2020 there were only two projects that I’ve had the opportunity to work on. One of the projects is into vacation rentals while the other is into fine art industry. Vacation rental project was a huge success because of the local SEO. This is a project where I had done from scratch to finish in terms of domain registration, logo design, image editing, website building, branding and creating social profiles on relevant platforms. 

I should also mention that my past projects required directly interacting with potential customers in their regional language. Therefore, I’ve had to brush up on my regional language.

I’m a multilingual person and can communicate in 3 different languages viz. English, Hindi, Telugu aside from my native mother tongue — Bengali.

So if you’re curious, who is my trusted source of knowledge that helps me stay up to date with the latest? The answer is below! All the images scrolling at the bottom keep me abreast of the latest in the digital world.

These are just a few to mention below...

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